Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Josie Morris Not Wales

Originally posted @OTC on 5/20/11 it needs to be here as well.

You had to be tough to live out here by yourself for years miles from nowhere and this women was just that. Use your imagination. She used two box canyons to corral her animals one which had a spring. This is also where these grow only.

You are looking at one of the box canyons above this building. The other is a ways to the right (east) of this one.

The exact location of this site is lower center right.


  1. I Love orchids and I could move right into that place, were it allowed. Looks like heaven to me. The realities could be harsh at times, I'm sure, but they can be just about anywhere. The beauty and peace must have surpassed any of that.

  2. I could live there so easily! I like your new picture.

    I stopped in Rangely and was greeted by this young adult long black haired beauty with the hugest smile I've seen in ages that was for me and no one else. My heart slipped back 40 years and I fell in love again for a brief moment.

  3. Thank you, OF, and isn't it good, to fall in love, even briefly? That's very sweet.

  4. Yes even briefly made my whole day and more.

  5. What a cute place and it looks like it is in peaceful place. I could live there too. Great photos!

  6. It's a long way from anywhere with only one way out for the most part Eileen but yes what a spot!

  7. Of the two sisters I like her the best. But then who could really choose. I wonder if I have in me to be a capable as she was all of her life.


  8. Hi. Josie is my 2nd great Grandmother. I named my daughter after her. May I have permission to use the top photo of Josie's place on our family facebook page? This is a sacred place for us and I love the way you have captured it's beauty.

  9. Hello back Sandee and what a treat to hear from a family member!!. Of course you may and I feel honored that you feel the way you do about a picture I took. I think that is one incredible place as well and have you looked at the other pictures of your Grandmother's place? There are some back in the box canyons for instance of the orchids that grow there that I think are pretty cool as well. Plus the Brown's Park posts.

    When you save this picture click on it twice and save the biggest image. It may be 3-400 kb is all like that. I have no problem sending you the original file which is 3-5MB. Let me know at tombleuer@live.com and I will get it right to you.

    I am fascinated about Jose and her/your family and the history of the area. I could go on and on. Your what I think is your great great great grandmother Elizabeth is very interesting as well but not much is written that I can find.. What would the story have been if she had not died sooo young? I found out last summer for instance the boarding house Jose ran was what used to be the Golden Cavvy I believe restaurant in Craig just down from the Cowboy Museum where the curator told me that the spurs they have of Ann's are "the most exquisite" he's ever seen.

    I moved from that area and live in Walsenburg,Co. I can't wait to get back up there probably in July. I miss it but things change.

    Your Family's Spirit is still alive Sandee and thank you again for contacting me as I think it very cool to interact with someone who knows the Bassett family. Sometime I'd like to visit the family cemetery if possible. Only the locals know where it is. Google maps actually shows it close to the Brown's Park store. In any case maybe someday.

    Later Sandee and BTW I enjoyed looking at all your old pictures on your blog. Ruby is your mother correct??



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