Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

A 1937 STINSON RELIANT One Of Seven In The World

UPDATE: Here is one of several pictures sent to me by a fellow who saw this post and took better pictures than I of this same plane. I include the one below. Thank you Steve!!

 I had heard a lot about this plane for years and the trip in May back to Iowa got to see this unique airplane that gets flown frequently. 75 years old.

There's not a decent picture here and all were manipulated. It was dark and I wasn't going to push the button that opened this huge door to get some light inside. Hollywood types and other very wealthy people flew in these planes.

One of seven the value is  around 400K give or take a few. What that means I'm not sure as there may be a combine just outside that's worth twice that much but they don't fly.

I'm just glad I got around and in this plane and there is still a good chance there will be a ride in the future  and that would be waaaay too cool.

In the picture at the top and repeated at the bottom show the profile better thus the gull wing analogy.


  1. What a beautiful flying machine. Red leather seats, too. My, my. Yes, a ride through the air would be way cool.

  2. Luv the interior and the dash... Classy!

  3. Although dusty on the outside the inside is in perfect condition. The seats were very comfortable.

  4. EXCELLENT PHOTOS and post!!!


    1. Any chance there's an airplane hanging out at your place??

  5. Red seats and old fashioned steering wheels, wow!

  6. For some reason i can't shake thinking about what a prickly pear cactus tastes like. They had some in the grocery store just the other day.


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