Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Monday, September 2, 2013

Human What?

After years of using not all that cheap plastic 13 gal trash cans and having seen one of these Fly splurged and entered the upscale  world of where you put your house garbage. This along with special bags that can't be seen was supposed to cost right at a hundred. Amazon gave me 50 if I got a credit card from them so I did and it cost $49 and change. I'm busy not doing much and haven't cut up the card yet.

This is real nice and the lid don't slam shut. For 50 smacks you'd hope that anyway. It works very well. Plus - - - 
it looks real good in the new place.

I'll generally pick up a penny but three quarters laying in the road where I walk get jumped on. Plus the one the night before at the swings in the park.
Part of what's been going on in my little world these days.


  1. I just love your header!!! I really like that "Pepsi" sign painted on that wall. I'd be all over that taking pics...

  2. Isn't it stunning that people don't care if they lose their change...not even stopping to pick it up anymore? Like you I pick up pennies, and dimes and nickles...the quarters would be a haul!

    Another great header!


  3. Thanks girls - - - and what about that fancy trash can?

    I've not been into Sarti's bar but keep saying I need to go get a very cold Butt Wipe - I mean Bud Lite in a bottle. The place across the street makes a real decent burrito and smothered in green chili which is better than average for 4.75.

    Half chicky on one side and chicarrones on the other. I'm really hungry now.

    There for a second I was thinking Spanish galleons and how they left a trail of gold as they sank. I looked for more and there were none.

  4. I've never owned a trash can that fancy. :)


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