Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Eyes Have It

Walked back to this wetlands area early this morning where yesterday was able to capture some decent pictures.

I've seen guys like this before. Click on the picture and take a closer look. The eyes are pointing straight up. Back in da boat they were green. Maybe this one will be green later. What they do is hover and then go straight up and come back down to where they were before.  

A new guy on the block with the dark deep red for eyes but looking closely they may not be the eyes.

I have several pictures of the same but I think this is better and think these eyes would be the perfect shade of green for a really poor scary insect people eater movie.

Lookee here - he's dining.

There was an inland sea here those millions of years ago. This was one of the reasons for today. In a way this picture seems appropriate. The ones flying back then would probably be trying to take a chunk outta ya for lunch.

I do pay attention b b b b b but I almost stepped on this bull snake's tail. I then payed more attention. He did not move as it was warm up time. No eyes here but they were had.

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  1. Like You, Ed, took photos of bugs... particularly a really hairy spider!


  2. Oooh...scared of snakes!!! ewwww... The bugs are awesome! Very cool.

  3. That's why there was no head TMoon. I'm just happy it was not the biter kind.

    Thanks girls!

  4. Muito interessante teu blog,gostei de ver estes pequenos seres de olhos reluzentes.As fotos estão ótimas.Grande abraço.

    1. Thank you for that Suzane and for the visit. You are the only singing Blogger I know. NICE!!


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