Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Around The Neighborhood

I am actually staying in Barrio Los Angeles. Walked into Atenas and back home today. Not too bad - I'm thinking two miles maybe a bit more to the town square. I went a bit farther. This little city is not that big and already got it pretty much down.

I asked about the old and old is different here. For the climate here this house is considered old. I wish I could tell you how old and the same goes for the two below it. 

This house very close to Atenas town center is supposed to be one of the oldest. Pretty cool I think.

This appears to be an old business building. One of the give away's to old is on the left of it where you see clay tile. While riding in the car there were two houses right in this area that had clay tile roofs. I have not seen them again but will. Please click on the picture to get a good look.  

The houses below are very nice as you can see.

The are mountains around and from this house the view must be a good one.

An older house with the mountains as a back drop.

I'd live in any of these houses.
 Believe every house I have been in has had huge (15-16") shiny tile floors. I like it a lot. It would be nice to visit a higher end house and show you that. The place I'm staying is nice too don't get me wrong.

The architecture is pleasing to me but that does not mean there will be any closets or hot water.


  1. They do all look like nice houses. Great tour! have a wonderful weekend!

  2. They're all cool. My favorite is the 3rd one down. Very different!!! I clicked on each one to see a close up...nice!

  3. Mine too! You get a star for the day.

  4. Man, I'm curious as hell about your journey! First of all, here's an email address:

    netless@comcast.net for direct correspondence.

    What prompted you to relocate to CR, did you have friends/family already there? What's it like for folks like me who don't speak the language? Would you recommend the area for tourism, or is it mostly residential?

    Inquiring minds want to know. When my wife and I visited we stayed at an all-inclusive resort and that, of course, is not indicative of the actual country. We're not as adventuresome as you, obviously, but I admire the fact that you've pulled up stakes and just gone to paradise on your own.
    Scribble if you feel like sharing the story!

    Bob and Cindy

  5. BTW, love the photos! I'm a photographer and would absolutely love to have the opportunity to explore Costa Rica without guides and herds of tourists... but I fear one of those Peru experiences you linked to in another post! We aren't the survivalist types, and I'm not sure I'd be comfortable trusting the locals without some sort of contact or friend in the area for tips on what to see, what to avoid.

    Keep posting photos and tell us about the area!

  6. Well, HELL! You really ARE in Paradise, 'Fly! Keep the beautiful photos coming!

    1. I will bj. I have not really taken what I consider really good pictures. For some it sure is "Paradise". To many it's home. I need to get out the gate much earlier than I have been when the light is much better.

  7. I love all of them...I could live in anything as long as I have a shower and am bug free!



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