Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Some Food And Drink

Have been eating out a bit and just plain eating more than usual. My cooking facilities are such that I'm a bit limited and I have been enjoying a bunch what I've had.

Prices aren't necessarily low with these but you can eat inexpensively. Below is a casado a local dish that can be had everywhere you go. Paid a bit more because I wanted the fish. It was like $6.30. Rice and beans,potatoes,fish on a thick corn tortilla. The vegetables had more flavor than I can remember -really and I'm not that fond of carrots. This was very good.     

This was even better. Makes me hungry just looking at it. It's called cevichi. Fish/seafood marinated with lime or other juices and combined with other seasoning ingredients. It's really good and it's shrimp next time.  This filling portion cost 1800 or $3.60.
The drink is special as well and is called cas. A bit pricey maybe at 900 or a $1.80 but worth everybit of it. Have had a couple other local fruit drinks that are just as good.
A few example items and needs to be said that I'm not shopping for the best price all the time but for convenience too as I carry my food home most of the time from the main part of Atenas. So I go to the store/market a lot.

To give you an idea -
eggs - were about $1.15
brewski's - about $1.25
mandarin's - .10
plantain - .45
milk - $1 and a few penny's
beef marinated comes in at $3.70lb.   

I had this yesterday - it was soooo good. It's fish on a bed of rice with a salad all with seasonings unfamiliar to me. There was nothing left on the plate and almost wanted to lick it. This came in at 3500 or $7. Will be going back again.
There will a post/posts coming on my finding of what meat tastes like here compared to in the states. This was something I was curious about and important in the sense of what we eat as a country. I'll just say now that what I have had so far is better than what I was eating back home. It really is and that does not include beef at this time as have not eaten much. Other food stuffs is a different story and what's left is to determine in what ways and just how much better it is.


  1. I love this! It's fun to see and hear about what you're eating. One of my favorite restaurants in SF was Guatemalan. They had the best seasoning on their salads, too. I cannot seem to replicate it. Oh, that's making me hungry. It all looks so good. What fun. I love grocery shopping.

  2. OMG...!!! I love this post! It all looks sooo good! That cevichi makes me drool...hahaha! Beans and rice...yummmmm Also, really some fun photos!
    OOh and Teresa...I loved the Guatemalan too! Haven't thought about that place in years.
    Fly, if one can't travel, this is the next best....Thanks!

  3. This is so much fun girls eating this different foods. For lunch had a Salvadorian dish ( it will go unnamed at this point because I can't spell it correctly)on the way home with another local drink that I can't spell either both of which were really good as well. The total for two of us and we had the same thing was 3390 or $6.80. The 390 was tax.

    It seems like I'm eating a lot. In markets what ever they may be is similar to an Oriental market in that there's so much you don't know what it is but would like to try.

    I'm going after a pineapple bought yesterday at the farmers market. The last ones were tooo good.

    Yes some like it here just for the food. I need to to test more vegetables like I had the other day. Might be nap time after some of that pineapple.

  4. It's always fun to see and taste local foods and flavors!


  5. Interesting comparisons. Lots of fish is GOOD though! Some things so much cheaper, others about the same. You also asked me about Lightroom I believe....I can't say anything about it other than I know the pros love it...I couldn't afford it and at this point use what I have. Photomatix was the least expensive way for me to process my in camera HDR so that is what I got!

  6. Best post ever. I love seeing all the different foods. Making my mouth water...

  7. You'd get along just fine here Kevin.


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