Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Tried It Again

It's ma job to get out and about on a regular basis and I guess to eat. I walked to town and just had to try ceviche again with shrimp. It was even better.

There was like a people fair across the street in the park where there were vendors of many sorts mostly crafts. This is out of focus.

Purses plenty.

All colorful and possibly these mushrooms bring back real memories of times gone by for this artist. 

There was music. Not bad with tunes from the states.

Click on this one as there is much going on here all over the place.

Very seldom can you get clear shots when you want to.

When the band started with Deep Purple's "Machine Head" I headed for home stopping for a bit of ice cream.

Just liked this one. It's pretty out.


  1. Looks like fun....kind of a flea market, farmers market kind of deal.

  2. Are these crafts primarily for sale to tourists or locals? Ceviche: yum!

  3. It was basically crafts with a bit of food as well. For no one in particular.

  4. OOoh I love craft festivals & that ceviche looked wonderful and yummy. My favorite photo is the last one. More of that chocolate ice cream??? hahaha

  5. One thing about it you are warm, surrounded in color and have many interesting things to eat!


  6. I did have a cono on the way home. It's a nice little refresher for the mile or so walk back home here.

    Yes the food. The pork is just something else. it hasn't rained since I've been here and it's dry for sure.


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