Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Out And About

I like this picture but one below it is in better focus and when zoomed in on you can really get a good look.

Finally made it inside the church. It's just impressive.

This is not an iguana but a garrobo. Have not seen that much animal life but looking all the time. A lot of birds though.

Unfortunately and accidentally this garrobo just now  met it's demise. It was by fire and some of it's features are gone.

Atenas is noted for it's ox carts which were used to transport goods. This is the only one I've seen so far.

Not to far away I found this Chinese joint. Have a hard time not trying places like this. It was on a side street that dead ended. Notice the English and the prices reflect reflect gringo prices. I'm going to try this today. They have a rice dish for 2500 colones ($5) that I will try. Went yesterday but the cook did not show. He is Chinese.

Did have lunch in town and it was very good It was at a eatery I will visiting much more and will try to post a bit on the food in future posts. You will find out about this one below though.

My cooking facility's are not that extensive so I will be going out more to get some better food than what I can prepare here at ma place. That is not a complaint - just life.

Expectation are low for this place I tell you.


  1. The church photos are incredible!!! That flower is simply beautiful. ewwww dead garrobo??? you took a pic of a dead garrobo???? ewwwww

  2. It had just happened a couple minutes before. I'll be very careful in this Chinese place. I haven't seen a mushroom yet. Thanks Tmoon!

  3. That church is indeed lovely and I am so enjoying your adventures!

  4. Thank you for that! I am sticking pretty close to home and that's just the way is has to be at this time and I'm okay with that.

  5. You are brave about food...I love street food, and I love finding new places to eat, but I do dread the dreaded traveler revenge.


  6. What makes a garrabo different from an iguana?

    Your close-up photo of the flower is magnificent. I love the detail and the splashes of color.

    When we went to Costa Rica about ten years ago, we went to a small "town" for their ziplining adventure. We actually saw an oxen-drawn cart going down the dirt road in town.

    "Fences" around some houses were tall, straight cacti grown close together that kept in oxen, horses, mules. Somewhere in storage I have hard copy photos and negatives of that trip.

    Your blogs are fun to read and look at the pics. How long will you be there?

    1. Some call these iguana's. Wiki doesn't have anything under garrobo. I can't answer that really. I'd like to see a real ox cart and an ox. There is a festival here just for that.

      Macro pictures I take are probably the better of the bunch. Sometime toward the end of March if it goes okay.

      Thanks for the visit.

  7. Nice.

    I can see you're having a fine time.

    You deserve it.

    Talk to you soon!



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