Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Out And About

Caught a ride to the other side of Atenas and had a very pleasant walk back home. It's ma job ya know. This picture was at a small resort where a new acquaintance and neighbor occasionally works. What a view and you can see the same even if you're in the pool.

Piggies the likes I've never seen before.

The same goes for the cemetery. The road past this leads directly to the church.

This vehicle is deceivingly small and there are many smaller cars and trucks made by the same company's we all know. We need vehicle's like this in the States but we'll never get them. The reasons against them in my opinion are not good enough.

There are the well known brands of motorcycles here and like cars and trucks much more expensive than in the States. These are Chinese made and I believe cost less than a $1000. I understand too there may be issues with parts. Stateside there are guvmint regulations that make manufacturers supply parts as part of doing business there.

Big smiles from these two young caballero's.

I had a very good meal here for $5. Haven't been back but am going. There are many places to get some real decent food.

Back home and this little guy had met up with a window and was out like I was in San Isidro but recovered after quite awhile and flew off just after I took this.

A couple flower pictures.

Not at all a good picture. My camera is not capable of getting decent shots of let's say birds. Maybe later a better one as these birds allow you to get close. Not this time though.


  1. Some really fun photos!!! Cemeteries are so different from place to place...interesting. The top pic is my favorite...but those pigs are a real close second.

  2. You are clearly having too much fun! :))) Take care, stay safe and keep the reports coming!

  3. I saw a pig like that next door just a bit ago. Those jobs given to you while in school called reports were not appreciated much. Since reports are work - observations are just that too.

    Sometime here taking a day trip in a van with neighbors to a few different places. Looking forward to that.

  4. I love old cemeteries! The little Hummer was lucky you found him...I'm sure there are cats there, as here!


    1. Cat's yes and one is very friendly. Although being very different this cemetery lacked character because it/they are probably all going to be similar. Not a negative at all. It's a cultural thing. And that's just my idea of character.

  5. I love sharing your walks with you. The flowers there are so amazing, it must smell delightful!

  6. Thanks MTW. I actually thought the smells would be more than what they are. That could easily be just me though. Food joints all smell good.


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