Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Colors In The Neighborhood

These are pictures of flowers. Probably could be from anywhere but they're from here. At the bottom is a picture of a cactus I walk past.

Don't have a clue what these are and the third may be a weed. I find them fun to look at.

 This is a vanilla plant.


  1. I recognize some of those as what we get here int he states to use as house plants (makes sense). Am thinking one of them might be a morning glory but my favorite is the vanilla orchid!

  2. For sure and the third one from the bottom was being called a "morning glory". That was in the drainage where the waterfall was.

  3. Thanks for the flowers, Fly! It's 45 here, with a forecast of 33 for tonight.

  4. WoW! It would take me a week or so just to get out of the neighborhood. Beautiful!

  5. Thanks you guys. It is the dry season and it is warm for sure. My neighborhood is a bit bigger than some. It's pretty much where ever I can walk.

  6. I think the first photo is an orchid. There's definitely a morning glory in there. The fourth from the bottom is an African violet. I recognize the orange one with the round leaves, but can't remember what it's called. We have the second from the bottom ones in San Antonio, TX.

  7. I recognized some as they are houseplants here. I also recognized the Heavenly Blue Morning Glory. This round of color was really nice...grey clouds, cold here and spitting snow.



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